For 15 years I, Martina, have been active in wellness by doing Foot reflexology and other natural remedies. Foot reflex massage, an ancient treatment, is great for your body and mind. In the Western society everything is supposed to go fast and well. We don’t give ourselves the time to get to know and understand our bodies. As a consequence, physical or mental complaints arise. These are often stress related. Reflex zone therapy is a relaxing treatment that stimulates the self-curing capabilities of your body. A treatment lasts for one hour. I also provide hot stone treatments. These stones of 45 degrees Celsius will be placed on your body, hence the name hot stone. The heat and pressure of these stones will reach deeply through your muscles. Hot stone treatment lowers tension and stimulates your energies. A treatment lasts for about two hours. Both treatments are accompanied by pleasant music and aroma herbal therapies. The treatment will close with a delightful herbal tea or healthy smoothy. For more urgent pains I offer a third treatment called APS therapy. This method disposes waste in your body, stimulates metabolism and contributes to making new cells. This treatment lasts for half an hour. All treatments can be booked and scheduled upon request. Please contact us for current prices. If you’re interested in a more regular activity, we also offer boat trips and can help you acquiring a rental bike. For all inquiries, please contact via the contact form.

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