Terms & Policies Natuurcamp-Inn Tisza-To

Room rental and mini camping

We expect each resident to be informed about the terms & policies concerning our residency and we expect them to comply. Upon violating our terms, management can decide to remove the resident from the property and disallow any further access. In case of such an event, no refunds will be paid in any form.

  1. Overall
    Natuurcamp Tisza-To offers rooms for rent and has a mini camping in the months of May, June, July, August, September and October. Staying at our residency is implies respecting other residents and appreciating nature and our environment.
  2. Access regulation
    1. Each resident is required to check in at the reception with a valid proof of identification.
    2. The payment for the stay is made upon arrival or before via bank transfer. Your booking is not confirmed until the payment is fully received by us.
    3. Upon making the payment, each resident agrees to honour and abide our terms & policies.
    4. Political or religious expressions towards other residents is prohibited.
    5. Excessive use of drugs and drinking is not allowed.
    6. Being in possession of, using or trading drugs and accompanying items is not allowed.
    7. Consumption of food and drinks is not allowed in public parts of the residency.
    8. Children and pets are not allowed.
    9. After 22:00 (10 PM) we expect sounds such as music, radios or other volume sources to be reduced to a minimum (silence).
  3. Residents 
    1. Upon checking in, a resident agrees to our terms & policies.
    2. Together with the check in crew, you will decide the persons to register as residents.
    3. Management is allowed to limit the amount of residents to check in, or to apply a surplus for checking in additional residents.
    4. The age of the person responsible for the booking is above 18 years.
  4. Inviting additional residents (guests and sleepovers)
    1. The booking only applies for the checked in residents. All other accompanying residents are expected to pay an entrance or sleepover fee in addition to the original booking fee. Besides, the following conditions apply:
    2. Additional residents are required to check in at the reception with a valid proof of identification.
    3. Additional residents will pay the amount of entrance or sleepover fee as presented to them at that moment.
    4. Additional residents are subject to the same terms and policies as regular residents, as mentioned in articles 2.1 – 2.9.
    5. The original booker is responsible for the behaviour of his/her guests. Management is allowed to remove guests who violate the terms & policies.
    6. Additional residents are welcomed from 09:30 (AM) and expected to leave the residency before 21:00 (9 P.M.).
    7. Additional residents are not allowed to bring their vehicles on the residency grounds.
  5. Camping spots
    1. The size, location and allocation of camping spots will be determined by management.
    2. The camping spot and also the camper, caravan or tent are expected to be used appropriately and well taken care of.
    3. Trash will be stored in trash bags or trash bins during your stay and stored in the designated containers upon leaving the residency. Note: Glass, paper and natural waste are stored in a separate containers.
    4. It is not allowed to depose chemical waste or other dangerous forms of waste. The resident is expected to take these with him/her upon leaving the residency.
    5. Upon leaving the residency, the residents are expected to leave the camping spot as it was when they arrived.
  6. Rooms 
    1. It is not allowed to stay in rooms with a different amount of people as agreed upon when checking in.
    2. In the case of a visit, a meeting or a celebration the terms as mentioned in articles 4.1 – 4.6 apply. In addition, it is allowed to invite up to a maximum of double the amount of original visitors. This means 2 original bookers can invite up to 2 additional guests, and not more.
    3. Upon approval, it is allowed to place a tent close to the residency.
    4. Our residency is smoke free. It is prohibited to smoke at our residency. In the case of smoking a cleaning fee of €50 will be applied.
    5. Your room will be cleaned by the crew free of charge. You are however expected to leave your room as tidy and clean as possible, with any used tools, equipment or dishes returned to their original location and cleaned.If you fail to meet these conditions, an additional cleaning fee will be applied.
    6. When staying longer than one week, we can change your bed linen, towels and kitchen cloths upon request.
  7. Pets
    1. It is not allowed to bring dogs or other pets while staying at Natuurcamp-Inn Tisza To.
  8. Insurance
    1. To avoid risk, we advise you a cancellation and travel insurance.
  9. Liability
    1. The booker is responsible for meeting all terms and policies, of him/herself and all people he/she booked for including invited guests.
    2. The booker is responsible for damage and trouble caused by his/her accompanying travellers and guests.
    3. Natuurcamp-Inn Tisza To is not responsible for;
      1. Personal damage arising from staying at the residency or from using the facilities at the residency.
      2. Damage claims for nuisance caused by third parties.
      3. Information provided via phone or verbally.
      4. Non available or nonworking facilities.
  10. Questions, remarks or complaints
    1. If you have questions during your stay, please address the Dutch and English speaking owners. They’ll make sure a solution is found.
    2. If you have suggestions for improving the stay at Natuurcamp-Inn Tisza To, please let us know via email at info@natuurcamp.com.
    3. If you are not satisfied with your stay at Natuurcamp-Inn Tisza To, please let us know your feedback and/or complaint within 14 days after your stay through the contact form or by mailing info@natuurcamp.com.