Welcome to Natuurcamp-inn Tisza-To

We are Alex and Martina De Ruijter. In September 2014 we’ve became the owners of a beautiful farm with 8600 square meters of surroundings, named Natuurcamp-inn Tisza-to. We offer rooms that serve as a great holiday for nature lovers. After a long search we’ve decided for Tiszaoverny to be our dream location, which is just next to the beautiful Tisza lake. The lake features a bird reserve and it’s part of national park Hortobagy. Our venue features an open view on the puszta (the Hungarian steppe). In conclusion, our characteristics offer everything you need for a complete, relaxing holiday. Our goal is to let our guests enjoy all that nature has to offer. While doing this, we let them experience the authentic Hungarian country life.

Our recreational garden is built on the principle of permaculture, which allows us to grow our own biological products. The culture entails a serving nature of humans, animals and environment. The culture also entails that consuming the fruits of the earth doesn’t go at the cost of consuming the earth. This can be realised by giving back to earth; it’s a balancing cycle of giving and taking and thereby continuing permanently. We follow these principles in our use of water as well, by filtering our waste in a dedicated underground system. In addition, our rooms feature a natural fridge (non electrical). In the future we’d like to work with solar panels to generate energy in a nature friendly manner.

Rooms can be reserved in the buttons on the right side of the page.

Buitenaanzicht van een kamer in Natuurcamp-inn Tisza-ToBinnenenaanzicht van een kamer in Natuurcamp-inn Tisza-To Badkamer van een kamer in Natuurcamp-inn Tisza-ToBinnenaanzicht van een kamer in Natuurcamp-inn Tisza-To