Over ons - Alex en Martina de Ruijter

Alex and Martina de Ruijter

About us

We, Alex and Martina de Ruijter, have had the pleasure to acquire this beautiful lakeside property in 2014. We’re situated in Tiszaöverny, a village on 3 kilometers distance from Tiszafured. The village is built alongside Lake Tisza. Our view includes the Puszta and the forests of the Lake Tisza area. In the early morning and late evening, we often see deers running out of the forest. We’ve chosen a venue close to the lake, because the flora and fauna of that area appeals most to us. It’s a true Eldorado for nature lovers, peace seekers and fishers.

On walking distance you’ll find two small shipping docks that allow boat and canoe rental. In the village you’ll also find various restaurants with a great price/quality offer. The area is great for excursions and hikes too. For example, the other side of the lake features a lookout post you can walk to.

We love nature ourselves. That includes natural healing, healthy food, yoga and mindfulness. In addition we’re a self-providing corporation including a kitchen garden designed along the principles of Permaculture. Lastly, we greatly appreciate the freedom we have at our current residency.